Why Us

Bringing our clients’ artistic and creative vision to light is what inspires our work.

Combining creative and technical expertise with vital supplier relationships, our in-house team and partner networks touch on all areas of the live event, film & television, municipal, corporate and arts & culture industries.

Leading projects from conceptual design through fabrication and on-site execution, we work with industry leading professionals including:

– Equipment suppliers
– Production and Tour Managers
– Scenic shops
– Fabricators
– Software developers
– 3D rendering firms
– Custom drape and banner printers
– Recording studios
– Artists and Creators

If you have a project that requires production or design support or are in need of technical experts that can merge creative vision with financial and business acumen, we would love to hear from you!

Want some more help?

Let us help set up the best lighting effects for your event


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Toronto, ON
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